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Project: The Tate Modern – London

Project: The Tate Modern – London

Client: Loughton Contracts

The iconic Tate Gallery opened its doors in 1897 and is now known as one of the major galleries of modern and contemporary art in the world.

During the recent refurbishment, we were delighted to work with Mace and our client, Loughton Contracts plc, to supply the finest quality solid oak flooring.

Working closely with the architect and client, we produced samples of FSC certified, European oak, in line with the Tate’s commitment to the environment, in a Natural and Fumed Prime Grade with a Bandsawn texture.

The surface of the Natural Oak was left untreated to blend with the original floors in the building. This is an unusual approach for a commercial floor in Great Britain, but has become a well-known and sought after design. The high-traffic restaurant areas used fumed oak finished with a bespoke finish to provide protection.

FSC certified Solid European Oak Prime and Prime Fumed planks
Bandsawn, Unfinished & Bespoke UV Oil

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NOTE: To achieve our smoked and fumed finishes the timber is smoked. Although this is a controlled process there will be variation in colour tones as they are dictated by a reaction with the natural tannins within the Oak. This process enhances the natural variation tones in the wood to create a beautiful, varied appearance. Smoked floors will naturally lighten and mellow with time. For a more consistent colour we recommend a stained or bespoke oil option is chosen and not a smoked finish.