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Bespoke hardwood mouldings

Enhance the floor with hand finished bespoke hardwood mouldings. They add that finishing touch to any new floor by complimenting what has been installed, whether it be planks, herringbone, chevron and more. Visitors to the WFA colour lab, and existing customers alike, are suitably impressed by our products on offer for those finishing touches that link rooms.

So whether a natural looking floor, a heavy brushed grey from the range or a bespoke colour is created, we are able to compliment this choice in creating staircases, thresholds, beading and more!

Square Edged Nosing
Flat Bead
Snapable Pipe Ferrule
Dowelled Pipe Ferrule
Bullnose nosing

NOTE: To achieve our smoked and fumed finishes the timber is smoked. Although this is a controlled process there will be variation in colour tones as they are dictated by a reaction with the natural tannins within the Oak. This process enhances the natural variation tones in the wood to create a beautiful, varied appearance. Smoked floors will naturally lighten and mellow with time. For a more consistent colour we recommend a stained or bespoke oil option is chosen and not a smoked finish.