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Bespoke Range

20 beautiful colours that represent the ethos of WFA. Shown below in plank format we are also able to produce these in the designs shown below; herringbone, chevron, mansion weave, cube, continuous versailles and hexagon.

If you’d like advice on the latest trends and innovation in wood flooring then please contact us. We can also advise on, and supply the best accessory products to install our floors, and recommend how to maintain all types of wood floors to keep them looking beautiful.

The above bespoke finishes are available in both prime and rustic grades in the design options below.

Mixed Width Plank
Mansion Weave
Continuous Versailles

NOTE: Our fumed and smoked colours are achieved through a process which reacts with the natural tannins in the oak. Although we use controlled processes when smoking variation in colour will occur and the final colours are dictated by nature and not by using pigmented stains.