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Project: Private Residence - Wimbledon

Project: Private Residence - Wimbledon

Client: Planet Flooring

This stunning property had recently been purchased and underwent extensive renovations, involving a new basement dig and an extension to the rear of the property. The interior design team commissioned us to create a two tone grey wash finish on both the Plank and Mansion Weave floors. Over 200m2 of our FSC certified, Prime Grade European oak was installed.

FSC certified stability engineered European oak prime planks
FSC certified stability engineered European oak prime mansion weave
152m2 Planks & 64m2 Mansion Weave

For all other details you may want to know;

Download the spec sheet below

NOTE: Our fumed and smoked colours are achieved through a process which reacts with the natural tannins in the oak. Although we use controlled processes when smoking variation in colour will occur and the final colours are dictated by nature and not by using pigmented stains.