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Project: Private residence – Hertfordshire

Project: Private residence – Hertfordshire

Client: Naturally Wood Floors

Working closely with our client and their interior designer we produced these bespoke diamond parquet panels in European Oak Quarter Sawn which was Thermo treated to change its natural colour to this rich deep dark brown tone. The panels and complimenting planks were produced in 9mm solid parquet, which was installed in a traditional method then site sanded and finished with hardwax oil.

Bespoke Parquet Diamond Panels – European Quartersawn Oak Thermo Treated – Oiled on site
Parquet Strip – European Quartersawn Oak Thermo Treated – Oiled on site

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NOTE: Our fumed and smoked colours are achieved through a process which reacts with the natural tannins in the oak. Although we use controlled processes when smoking variation in colour will occur and the final colours are dictated by nature and not by using pigmented stains.