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We all know that because timber is a natural material it is susceptible to expanding and contracting dependant on the temperature and humidity of the surroundings. This is the blackbox data recorder for the flooring industry. The Fidbox electronic monitoring system helps protect floors and the installers reputation against warping, open joints, buckling and cupping.

Whether the building be residential or commerical, taking a proactive approach to the warning conditions of moisture related conditions makes 100% sense. From the very moment the Fidbox is installed it measures and records the temperature and humidity of the flooring and there are two ways in which to read the data - A Free Smart Phone App or Laptop and a USB reader. These readings are taken every 8 hours for a period of up to 8 years.

  • The Fidbox


    The Black Box Data Recorder For The Flooring Industry.

    THE Electronic Monitoring System for the flooring industry helping protect floors and reputations against:

    Cupping, Warping, Open Joints, Buckling

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