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cmsdanskin acoustics

All the products we stock here at WFA have been part of a rigorous testing regime carried out by one of the UK’s leading UKAS accredited centres for testing building products, and also by their own experts on site. The soundproofing solutions below dramatically reduce airborne and imapct noise in schools, theatres, churches, libraries, a host of residential projects and more!

The CMSDanskin Saddle System is the perfect answer for the preparation of floor laying on various sub-floor types including both concrete and timber floors. Sustainability is also a key factor in the ethos of this company, PEFC or FSC chain of custody certificates are available by request for the acoustic resilient battens.

CMSDanskin Acoustics

CMSDanskin Acoustic Solutions

  • Acoustic Saddles

    The saddles are available in three head cap heights S, M, L.

    The small saddle permits 14mm of packing, the medium - 29mm and the large - 40mm.

    Size: 97mm x 97mm

    Call to order on 020 8501 6730

  • Regupal 4515 Eco Underlay

    Regupol 4515 Eco Underlay

    For concrete floors, material construction rubber/cork and suitable for underfloor heating.

    3.0mm - 17dB 20m2
    4.5mm - 18dB 12m2

    Roll width 1.1m

    Call to order on 020 8501 6730

  • Elevating Blocks

    Elevating Blocks

    15mm Box of 432
    30mm Box of 216

    Can be placed in combination below saddles where floor variations are extreme up to a maximum height of 150mm.

    Call to order on 020 8501 6730

  • Packers


    Boxes of 500 per size.
    Self locating plastic packers in 2, 3, and 5mm thicknesses. They interlock with each other and with the Saddle to achieve the levelling of uneven subfloors.

    Call to order on 020 8501 6730

  • Softwood Batten Foam Backed

    CMS Danskin Softwood Batten Foam Backed

    Available in various sizes.

    Call to order on 020 8501 6730

  • Softwood Batten

    CMS Danskin Softwood Batten

    Available in various sizes.

    Call to order on 020 8501 6730

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