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Project: Private Residence – Cotswolds

Project: Private Residence – Cotswolds

Client: London Property

This historically significant building underwent a complete renovation from top to bottom. It had been a stately home, boutique hotel and is now a private residence sitting in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside. The owners chose a mix of Chevron and Plank, produced in different thickness, to take account the different floor heights in the old property. However, the owners insisted that all the floors were the same colour to provide continuity through the property. After visiting our Design Room and Colour Lab the clients chose a colour that has been smoked and finished with a subtle coat of bespoke oil.

FSC certified Stability engineered European Oak Planks
FSC certified Stability engineered European Oak Chevron
Total 280m2

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NOTE: Our fumed and smoked colours are achieved through a process which reacts with the natural tannins in the oak. Although we use controlled processes when smoking variation in colour will occur and the final colours are dictated by nature and not by using pigmented stains.