As part of our service to trade customers, Wood Floors & Accessories sell a wide range of wood floor adhesives and we are also the official Adesiv UK distributors, wholesalers and stockists.

In addition to selling a wide range of high quality wood flooring, our aim is to make sure you have the right tools to do the job. This includes using the right wood floor adhesives for the particular flooring type you are using.

By selling a full range of wood floor adhesives, tools, accessories, care and maintenance products we act as a one stop shop so you can get all your flooring needs under one roof.

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Types of Wood Floor Adhesives

Wood Floors & Accessories sell a number of different adhesive products which all have different properties and usage. We shall give examples of some of these here and below we shall take a look at how they work best:

Single v Two Part Adhesive

A two part adhesive basically means the two components must be mixed together to form a glue mixture. This differs from a single component adhesive in that it does not have to be combined before use.

Spirit v Non Sprit Glues

Solvent based glues are a combination of substances dissolved in a solvent and the glue hardens as the solvent evaporates. Polymer glues are generally based on polyvinyl acetate and are commonly used for timber products.

Brands of Wood Floor Adhesive

Wood Floor & Accessories are authorised Adesiv distributors, wholesalers and stockists and we also sell a number of other products within our adhesive range. There are a number of different factors customers should take into account when choosing an adhesive, such as the type of flooring and whether or not it will be used on a sub floor. Here are some of our products and what they can be used for below.

Adesiv Stockists – Two Part Polyurethane

The Adesiv products consist of a two part polyurethane. These are suitable for sticking plywood to concrete and can be used on all traditional 10 mm parquet flooring. Adesiv products are fast setting and dry in 60 minutes. Flooring using this type of glue will be fully cured (dried and set) within 24 hours.

Products in the range include the 10 kg Adesiv Pelpren PL6 Epoxy Resin/PU two part pack adhesive; the 10 kg Adesiv Euro 5 Epoxy Resin/PU two pack adhesive; the fast setting 1 kg Adesiv Pelpren R-R PU two part adhesive and the 12 kg Adesiv Pavialcol spirit based adhesive.

Everbuild Wholesalers – Single Part/Component Adhesive – Fast Setting

We sell a 650 or 750 single part MS adhesive which is polymer based. Both of these are single component flexible glues for gluing solid and engineered flooring to concrete and timber sub floors. It is fast settling and dries within a few hours. Other products in this range include the Mitre Fast Bonding Kit which is a fast setting adhesive for gluing skirting and beading and the Lumberjack, a five minute adhesive for carrying out repairs or for gluing doors to thresholds.

Evo-Stik Distributors – Single Part/Component Adhesive – Standard Setting

This is a spirit based cartridge adhesive which can be used on skirting boards and door thresholds. It is a single component glue and is standard drying, so it sets within a few hours.

Fball Stockists – Single Part/Component Adhesive

We sell an F 21 single component adhesive which is bitumen based and can be used for gluing T & G (tongue and groove) solid wood blocks and reclaimed wood blocks that already have bitumen on the back.

Lecol Wholesalers – Single Part/ Component Adhesive – Overnight Drying

Our 5500 single component spirit based glue in the Lecol range is used for sticking plywood to timber sub floors and is also used for 10 mm parquet. This product requires overnight drying.

The MS 250 Plus in this range is a single part strong and flexible polymer based MS adhesive which can be use for parquet flooring and also to glue solid and engineered flooring to concrete and sub timber floors. Another product in this range is the Lecol MS 290 single component Polymer-based adhesive which is suitable only for use on engineered floors. The MS 265 cures overnight and can be used in combination with Lecon slatted acoustic underlay.

Lecol Distributors – Two Part/Component Adhesive – Fast Drying

Also within the Lecol range is the PU 240 two-part adhesive used for gluing parquet and also plywood to concrete. It is fast curing and dries within the hour.

Mapei Stockists – Single Part/Component Adhesive

The Ultra Bond 9901K is a flexible single component polyurethane adhesive which is used for gluing solid T&G strip and blocks to concrete or to timber sub floors.


Word of note, adhesive products should NOT be used over electric under floor heating or on joists.

Adhesive Accessories

In addition to our adhesive products, here at Wood Floors & Accessories we also sell a range of accessories including trowels and mixers so we can cover all your flooring needs under one roof.

About Wood Floors & Accessories

Wood Floors & Accessories are based in Hainault, in north east London and are well placed to serve the London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Kent and Middlesex areas as well as other parts of the UK.

Our experienced staff at Wood Floors & Accessories are here to help you and we can advise on the correct adhesive at the time of selecting or ordering your flooring. Just contact us on 020 85016730.

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