Wood Floors & Accessories sell a wide range of wood care and maintenance products and are stockists of leading brand names such as Blanchon, Osmo and Bona. As authorised distributors of Osmo, Blanchon and Bona, we can provide you with all the essentials you need so you can extend your client services beyond laying floors.

These products mean you can go that extra mile for your customers and offer maintenance services such as cleaning, regular oiling and repairs. Alternatively, some of this merchandise can be offered by you as add-on sales to help your clients protect and maintain their own floors.

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The Importance of Wood Floor Care and Maintenance

It is essential to regularly maintain a solid wood floor to increase the life-span of the product and to ensure it looks as good as new for as long as possible.

This is vital not only for the client (so they have good quality flooring which looks great for years to come) but also for the tradesperson as a long lasting product reflects well on you.

Your maintenance programme should typically start a fortnight after the floor has been installed so everything settles down and the finish can fully cure. We suggest floors should be cleaned daily and maintained either weekly or monthly, depending on the frequency of traffic. Here are our top tips to help your clients maintain their newly installed solid wood floor:

Dos and Don’ts for Maintaining Solid Wood Flooring

Do use a recommended wood floor cleaner.

Don’t use water to wash flooring as this can damage or stain the wood.

Do vacuum often or use a broom. When the floor starts to dull we recommend you recoat the wood to restore its sheen.

Don’t forget to use a humidifier in winter to keep movement in the wood down to a minimum.

Do use door mats as this stops dirt from outside damaging your wood flooring.

Don’t maintain your solid wood floor with tile or vinyl products as they dull the surface.

Do wipe up drinks or food spills straight away using a damp towel or cloth.

Don’t slide furniture across the floor to move it as this can scratch your solid wood floor.

Do use protectors under the legs of furniture to prevent damage to the surface.

Don’t let people walk on the floor with stiletto heels, instead politely ask them to take them off as this can damage the surface of the wood.

Osmo Wood Floor Care Products

Wood Floors & Accessories are authorised Osmo wholesalers, distributors and stockists and we sell a complete range of Osmo wood floor care products. This includes the Osmo Maintenance Kit, a complete Osmo maintenance kit which includes Wash & Care, Wax Cleaner and Floor Cloth; the Opiset mop kit which is a floor mop for all types of wood flooring; the Liquid Wax Cleaner; Liquid Wax Cleaner Spray; Osmo Wash & Care; the 1 litre brush cleaner and an Osmo clear plastic bottle with spray trigger which works to make cleaning easier.

We recommend oiled floors should be maintained with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner or Osmo Wash N Care. All products in the Osmo range are for professional use and they can also be resold to clients.

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Blanchon Wood Floor Care Products

Wood Floors & Accessories are authorised Blanchon stockists and supply a full range of Blanchon wood floor care and maintenance products. This includes Banchon Lagoon in a spray bottle which is ready to use floor cleaner; the Blanchon varnish Wood Floor Daily Cleaner, the Natural Floor Soap for Oiled Floors and the Heavy Duty Cleaner for dirt or stains that are more challenging.

In addition to the floor cleaners we also have a variety of maintenance products for oiled or lacquered floors including the Blanchon Metamat for varnished wood floors. This protects and restores matt lacquered flooring; the Blanchon Varnished Wood Floor Maintenance; the Blanchon Wood Floor Oil Environment – Maintenance which works on oiled floors, as does the Blanchon Hardwax Oil.

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Bona Wood Floor Care Products

Wood Floors & Accessories are authorised Bona distributors and supply a complete range of Bona floor care, maintenance products and accessories. Our fully-comprehensive range includes the Bona Cleaner, Polish, Polish Remover and Freshen Up ( a refresher product) and the Bona Wood Floor Refresher.

We also sell the Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Spray (in addition to the handy Cleaner Refill), the Floor Cleaner Kit which consists of a floor cleaner, mop, mop handle and mircopad; the Floor Mop, Bona Carls Oil (natural) for wood floors and the Bona Naturale Repair Kit which includes a base, top, sander, two brushes and tape.

We recommend lacquered floors should be maintained with either Bona Care Cleaner or Bona Care Refresher.

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About Wood Floors & Accessories

Wood Floors & Accessories are authorised Osmo, Blanchon and Bono wholesalers, and we also sell many other leading brands to customers in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Kent, Middlesex areas and to customers elsewhere in the UK.

In addition to our vast range of products, our experienced staff can also advise trade customers on the ideal type of maintenance and care of any type of solid wood flooring and the right product to use.

All the products listed above can be used professionally or sold on to your customers to help maintain their flooring.