We sell a variety of wood floor adhesives to suit different wood flooring installations. Our selection is designed only for customers in the wood flooring trade, and also includes a range of fast setting products.

Wood Floors & Accessories are official Adesiv UK stockists, distributors and wholesalers and we also sell Everbuild, Evo-Stick, FBall, Lecol and Mapei adhesives, which have different properties and applications.

Some of the examples of the types of glue we stock are single adhesives, which do not have to be combined before use, and two part adhesives, which require the components to be mixed together before use. We also sell solvent based glues and are suppliers of polymer glues, which are often used in the wood flooring trade.

As adhesives stockists, distributors and wholesalers, we sell a wide range of products for all situations. This includes glues to fix parquet, plywood, T&G strip, blocks, or engineered flooring to concrete and timber sub floors. We also sell adhesives for fixing skirting and beading, and glues for carrying out repair work.

We would strongly advise, however, that these following adhesive products are not used on joists or over electric under floor heating.

If you need any help in choosing an adhesive, our staff are always on hand to offer advice for our wood flooring trade customers. In addition to being Adesiv, Everbuild, Evo-Stick, FBall, Lecol and Mapei adhesive stockists, distributors and wholesalers, we also sell a wide range of accessories for all types of flooring.